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My boyfriend attends the prestigious SCAD University (ATL campus). He’s learning all sorts of nifty, learning all sorts of valuable art assets…and yet, he’d rather Photoshop my cat’s head on to some war general’s shoulders. Your money’s well spent, sir! And I know Mr. Toads would be proud. ♥ 

Skype has been the only way we have been able to see each other, expect for Chris’s rare breaks from SCAD. Even then, our phones are our main attachments. Sometimes, I hold mine so tight, wishing like hell that it was his hand.

Tomorrow, it’ll be 5 years. Neither of us bothered with fancy gifts, because we’re expecting something greater. As of today, Chris passed his final review at SCAD, so that means at least another year of study in Atlanta— and I’m joining him.

We still have many details to sort out (where/when/how/whaaa??). But I’m so excited! Obvious sentimental reasons aside, I’ve spent pretty much my whole life in Virginia, and always close to my parents’ place. It’s been wonderful, but mostly convenient. As much as I adore my family and friends, I need to get out and explore somewhere else. And what better person to do that with than the one person that has been physically missing from my side for most of our relationship?

I’m intrigued. I’m terrified. I’m biting my lip and wringing my hands and smiling sporadically. I don’t know what to think or what to say, so I let the silence ring around me with anticipation (though seriously, I have to get this ear ringing business checked out; it’s been an almost constant thing for 2 weeks).

He returns home for spring break tomorrow, so I’m driving up to NOVA to his folks’ place, where we’ll finally get to start the ball a-rollin’ with our plots and plans.

To be continued…

Got a call this morning…

Chris, my darling boyfriend, has officially been accepted into SCAD's graduate program (he'll be going to the Atlanta campus)! Congrats, babe, I knew you'd get in!

But srsly. He’s one talented dude with awesome perseverance in world that’s increasingly focused on making $$$ versus doing what one loves for a living (I mean, sometimes, you can do both, but realistically, most people give up or switch plans because their passion was just too hard to follow).

Reminds me of a quote from a trusted source:

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

-Stephen King (who else?)

You’re making your dreams come true, babe. I’ve no doubt that if you keep this up, Blue & Blond will soar, and you’ll one day find yourself on the Adult Swim crew!

Love you, Chris! So proud of you. <3

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