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15 Goals in 15 Years (Bucket List of Sorts)

For the helluvit, here’s 5 of my goals for every 5 years.

Current age: 24

So, by the time I am 29:

  • MOVE OUT (hopefully by this summer)
  • Work in a field relevant to my English degree (preferably as a columnist for some sorta “alternative” magazine)
  • Learn guitar
  • Move in with BF, and eventually marry (:D)
  • Should prolly get a credit card at some point…

By the time I’m 34:

  • Publishing something(s) worthwhile
  • Own a house (will settle for spiffy treehouse or mountain hut)
  • "Own" at least a dozen rescued animals of various sorts
  • Go skydiving/hand gliding/cliff diving/other EXTREME SPORTS shit
  • Backpack Europe

By the time I’m 39:

  • Continue publishing something(s) worthwhile; hopefully have established name
  • At least consider a baby…no more than two (twins run in the family, yaaay)
  • Grad school…possibly teaching “alternative” English class (I’d love to teach a coarse on Calvin & Hobbes, though that might transcend into philosophical territory)
  • Move to N’awlins??
  • Meet Anne Rice and/or Stephen King 
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