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The Burlesque Recital

went incredibly well, and waaay too fast. I can only remember snippets, but the crowd’s roar is still tingling in my ears.

The group number, I barely remember, though I do recall it went well. No serious misfires or missteps.

My own routine went pretty smoothly, considering I messed up on a few parts; thankfully, I’m decent with improv. One part that got one of the loudest cheers from the whole night: when I took my black negligee off, I meant to kick it out of the way; instead, it flew upwards and draped itself across a low-hanging beam. I had no idea about this until afterwards, though everyone apparently thought it was part of the act. And I was the only one to pull someone up on stage! You’re so welcome, Chris. <3

I really wish I had more photographic evidence to show off, but since the performance was at a fetish club, there’s a strict no photography rule (doctors and lawyers and big-shots come in; don’t wanna hurt their reps). BUT here’s a couple of shots I got in at my place and Blair’s:


(Above) I have a new-found appreciation for superheroines, since it’s still difficult for me to dress in all of this in under 5 minutes. Taking it off, on the other hand…

(Above) Pre-show hair and makeup for the group routine.

(Above) Kimberly Kosmo (my bff, Blair) and Kitti Pryde, post-show adrenaline.


That evening did help me resolve some things. I want to stay in Richmond. I’ve talked to Chris and we agreed that we’re going to give the long-distance thing a shot while he’s off in Atlanta for a couple of years to attend grad school at S.C.A.D. He told me that while he really wants me to go with him, he took one look at my face while performing and could tell that I found something that I need to pursue. He actually went up to my teacher (the lovely Deanna Danger, check her out on YouTube) and thanked her for helping me find my niche. He says he hasn’t seen me so happy in a long while.

And he could be right. I’m finding so much in Richmond that I want to explore. I feel so much more confidant and ready to try new things. I want to move out on my own in a couple of months, and plunge deeper into the world of burlesque, vaudeville and even hula hoop dancing (yes, there is a hula hoop dancing troupe—they use fire rings, striptease and everything— that’s going to be my next class, actually). And I accepted the offer from the Dainty Dolls (check a couple of prior entries for the email I posted) to sing with them in a Vaudeville-ish show at the end of this month.

So, yeah, I’m a little concerned about what this might mean for Chris and myself down the line. But the future holds no guarantees. That’s the beautiful and horrid thing about it. But there are always options, there are always doors for those who are willing and ready to put their hands on the knobs and turn.

I am willing. I am ready.

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